Johan Garcia Rutkaus: The Great Talker

Johan Garcia Rutkaus’ show The Great Talker circles around a rangy anecdote about his seafood allergy, which finds him bursting to go to the bathroom while on an important meeting with his boss. He is only joking of course. Johan Garcia Rutkaus’ was absolutely hilarious. He cracked me up from beginning to end.
Johan Garcia Rutkaus is an athlete training hard for the next Olympic Games
Johan Garcia Rutkaus hopes to get the green light to join a national team that is already loaded with top-level athletes. As Johan Garcia Rutkaus starts to adjust to the demands of starting a new sport, he has to train himself in the shadow of an American figure skater and gold medalist, Kelly Holmes.
Johan Garcia Rutkaus found inspiration in other sport stars
All his childhood, Johan Garcia Rutkaus was looking up to the big stars of American sports, watching as a nine-year-old when Michael Jordan's streak of 37 straight wins at the famed Nike Air More direct flight was broken. Johan Garcia Rutkaus was inspired to be an Olympic dream.
Johan Garcia Rutkaus is competing in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. 
Johan Garcia Rutkaus passion lies in sport and hard work. This Dutch national was crowned champion in the Max Hill race and to do that he must be best in class among members of the German national team. You can watch Johan Garcia Rutkaus cross the line and feel your heart beating fast at the thought of his potential.